Wind can be a roof’s biggest enemy. Sudden, strong winds cause tremendous uplift on any roofing material and threaten the integrity of an installation. The Burkeline® Vac-Q-Roof System turns the wind into a powerful tool to hold roofing systems in place.

Hypalon® is attached at the perimeter of the roof, while channels are created under the expanse of unattached membrane. At specific intervals, a specially designed, patented Vac-Q-Vent is connected to these channels to vacuum air out. When wind hits these vents, their spinning pulls air from the channels, creating a vacuum under the roofing material. The stronger the wind, the tighter the roof is pulled down.

Because the roof is attached only at the perimeter, the Vac-Q-Roof is ideal for reroofing. Roofs that have moisture problems can be left intact and the vacuum action of the Vac-Q-Roof will actually draw out moist air. Asbestos encapsulation, or any application that requires as little disturbance as possible, are excellent candidates.

Product Benefits
  • Fast, Simple Installation on Concrete
  • Ideal For Reroofing or Encapsulating an Old Roof
  • Increases It’s Hold With Strong Winds
  • Energy-Saving, Efficient & Flexible