Mechanically Fastened System

Whether it’s a new roof or a reroofing project, the Burke Mechanically Fastened System provides years of warranted protection with easy installation. On new roofs, Burkeline®-trained and approved applicators simply lay out and fasten the insulation board, roll on the Burkeline® roofing membranes made with Hypalon® single ply, fasten with Burke-approved fasteners and plates, weld the seams, and the installation is complete. Burkeline® roofing membranes made with Hypalon® weighs less than 1/3-pound per square foot so it is easily installed. Being lightweight, it is an ideal material when reroofing.

A mechanically fastened system that displays a creative use of the custom colors of Hypalon® available. The possibility of durable color became an important part of the architect's overall final design.

Product Benefits
  • Ideal For New or Reroof Applications
  • UL, FM & ICBO Tested & Approved
  • Full, Leak Proof System Warranty
  • No Ballast Needed
  • Custom Colors Available
  • Abrasion, Tear, Chemical, Fire & Wind Resistant

The FAA’s West Coast Headquarters, Hawthorne, CA